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into law. one bill bans abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected which is normally about six weeks. the only exception is life of the mother, no exception for rape or incest. another controversial bill bans abortion on the basis of gender or genetic defect. >> is it right to destroy life because of the perception that a person may not meet someone else's standards as being acceptable to live? >> i cannot think of anything more cruel than for the state to require that first pregnancy to be carried to term and watch my grandchild die on the delivery table. >> the aclu is call on the governor to veto that bill. >>> pope francis told reporters gathered at the vatican this morning he wants the catholic church to be poor. the new pope spoke to the media for the first time since his election wednesday and explained why he picked the named francis saying it reflects a concern for the poor. he says the name keeps the spirit of st. francis of assisi alive, calling him "a poor man, a simple man, as we would like a poor church for the poor." >>> politics now today is the last day of the cpac,
strictest abortion bills in the nation if signed into law. one bill bans abortions after a heartbeat is detected, which is after a few weeks. another bill bans abortions on the basis of gender or genetic defects. >>> sarah palin the main attraction at the conservative action conference today. palin is expected to talk about the failures of 2012 and the way republicans need to move forward. sarah palin is not the only highlight at c-pack today, and the political editor steinhouser joins me today. >> when sarah palin speaks here, the room will be crowded. i promise you pretty crowded. she had a well-received speech last year. and besides texas, all eyes on him this evening. and the straw poll, 2016 may be a long way away but this is the first cattle call i guess you could say of the republicans possible candidates. 23 days on the straw poll, and we will get the results later tonight and we will dissect them like we always do, joe. >> what would you say was the highlight yesterday? >> i am going to say there were two highlights. let's start with mitt romney, the man that lost the presid
fantasy. and he seems to work in this fiction fantasy and fairy tale world and in the court of law, we work in fact, we trade in fact. the facts are undisputed, the scientific evidence, the circumstantial evidence established beyond a reasonable doubt to a jury of his peers that phil spector put a gun in lana clarkson's mouth and killed her on february 3rd. that is uncontroverted. >> yeah, i think both sides don't like this movie no matter what they believe. alan, during the trial your opening statement, i believe you said lana was murdered twice when she was killed and during the trial with her character assassination. a review on this movie, is he successful in introducing doubt? i know you believe that he killed lana, but there are people out there who believe that she was under the influence of alcohol and pills and killed herself. your response to that. >> the evidence couldn't be more clear. the evidence could not be more straightforward. david mamet ignored basically everything that was presented in the trial that was based in fact. again, the movie and i saw the movie. i've see
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3